Lightstamp Technology

Lightstamp Technology
Developing The Lock on Security and Trust

Trust is a most fragile state. It takes much effort to nurture. It must be constantly reinforced. In a nanosecond, it can be lost. Yet for all the trouble, society cannot peacefully exist without trust.

We live in a world today where trust is being challenged more than ever. Technology is a force capable of improving our lives and yet it can be used in a way that can quickly erode confidence. SilentNotary’s mission is to nurture and reinforce trust everywhere in the world.

They have identified over 2.3 billion people worldwide dependent on trust whose everyday lives would be improved using SilentNotary.

The very foundation of the company is based on providing users with verification. SilentNotary is the world’s first digital notary employing Ethereum blockchain technology. Inside a secure Notary Vault, SilentNotary saves and certifies documents, emails, chats, audio and video recordings.

Customized applications take the Ethereum platform and advance it with a great user interface that provides immediate mobile access featuring Chat-bots, Email, audio and video recordings that work with a wide choice of formats anywhere in the world. Keeping everything secure is the role of Lightstamp technology.

A Powerful Tool

During the development of SilentNotary, it became necessary to determine the time range of a certified event. Using the hardware capabilities of the smartphones, a solution was found and the Lightstamp (TM) technology was developed to determine the time interval of the event recorded with the smartphone’s video camera and flashlight.

The Lightstamp technology allows the following:

Counteracts forgery or any modification of the recorded video facts;
Records the time interval of the event (the time of beginning and end of the video); and
Provides evidence of a real video-shooting event.
This all adds to an unalterable record of verification that works for both business and individuals. It is also the secret sauce that sets SilentNotary apart.

Patent applications on Lightstamp are underway. Further advancements of this technology are now in the hands of SilentNotary’s development team. This is all part of the goal to provide constant reinforcement of leadership and innovation.

SilentNotary ICO Is Underway

The SilentNotary ICO will start in November. Join us in our journey toward a more secure world.

James Waggoner, SilentNotary PR & Communication

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