EOS Vulnerability Will Lead to ‘Massive Exchange Hack’, Predicts Cornell Blockchain Researcher

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The EOS network has barely processed its first blocks, but one blockchain researcher is already predicting that an as-yet-undiscovered vulnerability in the nascent cryptocurrency’s codebase will lead to a “massive exchange hack” within the near future.

Writing on Twitter, Cornell professor Emin Gün Sirer forecasted his belief that EOS, which launched last week following a yearlong crowdsale that raised more than $4 billion, will be the root cause of a significant cryptocurrency exchange hack at some point during the next calendar year.

“I’m calling it: there will be a massive exchange hack within the next year, taking advantage of an EOS vulnerability. That exchange will lose its hot wallet.”

“If EOS uses its arbitrators to reverse the hack, the contagion will spread downstream,” he added. There will be threats of lawsuits involving the devs and the [block producers].”

While clarifying that this prediction is not based on any specific vulnerability he has identified or believes lies hidden within the EOS source code, he argued that such an exploit is likely inevitable given the way developers “handle safety critical bugs.”

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